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GRABE Metallconstruction in Herne

GRABE ensures reduced downtimes and repairs in the most diverse industrial branches by providing customized welding alloys which have been developed with the most diverse welding forms in mind.

GRABE sees its task as being the achieving of an optimum efficiency of your plants by developing and manufacturing highly wear-resistant machine parts.

It is a well-known fact that wear and corrosion destroy the surface of the workpiece and thereby cause considerable costs and production losses or even standstills. GRABE is able to offer you customized solutions, based on its more than 30 years of experience in the field of highly wear-resistant surface plating. Our CNC technology guarantees you consistently high manufacturing levels when it comes to surface-layer welding and further processing.

A long-term, intensive and trusting cooperation with our German and foreign customers places us in a position of being able to offer you company-specific wear protection at attractive conditions.


Grabe Metallkonstruktion GmbH
Landgrafenstraße 29
44652 Herne/Germany


Metallurgical industry Sintering plants Mining and open pit mining

Perfection in wear protection

A top quality and an ideal welding speed are not a matter of course – only the best automatic welding machines can meet these demands and at the same time be so flexible that they can be quickly converted to another process.


  Reduction of downtime

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