Wearing constructions for sintering plants

GRABE Metallkonstruktion in Herne

During the sintering process, ores and concentrates which are not immediately ready for use are agglomerated and therefore fed to the blast furnace process. The main goal is to create a burden which is as self-fluxing as possible.

A mixture is created for sintering which comprises fine ores, recycled materials, fuel (coke breeze), calcareous sandstone and sinter screenings. This mixture is then mixed with water and stratified on a continuous grate belt.

The coke which is included in the mixture is then ignited by natural gas/top gas flames. The down-draft blower which is located underneath the grate belt now pulls the front of the burning material through the mixture so that the sinter cake is fully burnt out when it reaches the discharge end of the belt.

The heat which is generated during the process sinters the fine ores on the surface so that the grains are bonded. The sinter cake is cooled and classified after it has been broken. What is known as the bedding layer and the returned fines remain in the sintering plant and the finished sinter is then fed into the blast furnace.

GRABE manufactures the required plant components or reconditions them as new.

water-cooled deflector table
water-cooled grate bars
wearing plates or lining for sinter coolers
crushing shafts
screening plates


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