Other areas of use for surface-layer welded constructions

GRABE Metallkonstruktion in Herne

GRABE is not only present in the iron and steel industry, but also in other industrial branches in which the nature of the materials which are processed can cause considerable wear to machine and plant components during extraction, crushing and treatment. 

The mining and open-cast mining sectors place the heaviest demands on mechanical engineering elements, e.g. on bucket wheel excavators.

The following machines are also subjected to wear:

Scrapers, scarifying caterpillars and bulldozers, wheel loaders, hydraulic excavators

The enormous demands subject each of the elements on the heavy machines to considerable wear. GRABE provides the machine manufacturers with exactly-fitting closure plates which are available either with or without insert disks, enabling the plates to be directly connected to the partial segments of the machines.


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Perfection in wear protection

A top quality and an ideal welding speed are not a matter of course – only the best automatic welding machines can meet these demands and at the same time be so flexible that they can be quickly converted to another process.


  Reduction of downtime

  Optimum utilization of your machines

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