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GRABE defines a chute as being a charging channel or a similar filling device which distributes the burden in the blast furnace in a targeted manner.

Depending on the burden throughput, which amounts to approx. 11 million tonnes per chute, the chute will have to be replaced sooner or later, in order to ensure a continuous blast furnace process. The chute normally comprises a number of wearing plates which are joined together. A prevention or deceleration of mechanical wear being caused by the material is achieved by installing the following:

material padding which is forced by the design
wear-resistant plates

The chutes which are supplied by our customers are completely dismantled and subjected to a detailed inspection. The chutes which are mounted by GRABE are as new.

We obviously also manufacture completely new chutes on the basis of customer drawings. The suspension which is of highly heat-resistant stainless steel is supplied with the chute or the complete chute can also be supplied together with the suspension as an overall design, according to customer requirements.


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